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Mesh particle system


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In case anyone else finds this useful:



This is a particle system loosely modeled on the standard one, but which renders as a standard mesh (with no alpha blending, and compositing correctly with transparent meshes). Renamed a little to not overlap with Jerome's much more exciting system.


API is on the GH page. It's mostly done - still needs a dispose(), a way to manually emit particles, and maybe a disposeOnFinish or something, but mostly ready to use. 


Edited to add: It slows down a little if you go over 30-40K particles. ;)

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Updated to add missing features, and fixed a few bugs (it now works with parented cameras and whatnot). This should be production ready, as far as I can tell.


Hey Andy you should reference it in our babylonjs/extensions repos 


What's that, and how would I do it?

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I think you should use IdentyToRef() here instead of Identity() as Identity() creates a new matrix instance each frame. This would lower the GC activity.


In theory, yeah, but generally JS VMs deal very well with objects like this that don't outlive their context. BJS already creates hundreds/thousands of temporary objects like this each frame, so I figured it was clearer for temp variables to just be temporary.


Of course if the difference is detectable I'd change it. (I haven't checked.)

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