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CocoonJS + Chartboost Ads - old Chartboost SDK problem

Tom Atom

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Hi, this is not question, but let's say problem knowledge share. I took some effort to solve it, so I am sharing it here.


 I implemented Chartboost ads in CocoonJS version of our Phaser game. When you are implementing Chartboost ads then you get confirmation email from then after first successful bootup and also your game is marked as implementing SDK successfully in Chartboost console. This is what happend for iOS version of our game, but not for Android version. Chartboost is counting impressions in Android versions, but not bootups (which is not good). Android versions are marked as SDK is not implemented.


 I was solving this with support people from Chartboost and they found that SDK version in our wrapped CocoonJS game for Android has version 3.1.5 (which is more than 2 years old version - current is 5.4.1). That old version is not booting in way which is requested now by Chartboost. I started new thread at Ludei: http://support.ludei.com/hc/communities/public/questions/203129099-Chartboost-SDK-version-problem-with-bootups


 So, if your Android native version wrapped with CocoonJS is not counting bootups and you cannot get Chartboost console show "SDK implemented soccessfully", it is probably this problem.


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