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Problem with Class Graphic and the Rectangle class (Panda 2.0)


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Not if the following is an error.
I'm learning this empirically Panda 2.0 game engine, I'm practicing what they learned. and at the moment I am working with graphics.
So I'm developing a mini platform game for so implement everything learned. I do not have as sprites, then my hero will be a rectangle.
The next thing is that in my class hero who I have called "Cat", I created the body of my hero, the rectangle will be red in the graphic class, adding a rectangle to this rectangle so add to the body of the hero , and finally adding it to the world as we will see in the code.
game.createClass('Gato',{        init: function(x,y){            this.cuerpo = new game.Body();            this.cuerpo.collisionGroup = 1;            this.cuerpo.collideAgainst = [0];            this.cuerpo.position.set(x,y);            this.cuerpo.collide = this.colisiones.bind(this);                        //Class Graphics            this.catGrap = new game.Graphics();            this.catGrap.anchorCenter();            this.catGrap.fillColor = '#f00';            this.catGrap.drawRect(this.cuerpo.position.x,this.cuerpo.position.y,50,50);            this.catGrap.addTo(game.scene.stage);                        //Rectangle(50,50)            var catShape = new game.Rectangle(this.catGrap.width, this.catGrap.height); //change                        this.cuerpo.addShape(catShape);            this.cuerpo.addTo(game.scene.world);                    },                colisiones: function(colision){            if(colision.collisionGroup === 0){                this.cuerpo.velocity.y *= -.5; //Work            }            return true;        },                update: function(){            this.catGrap.position.copy(this.cuerpo.position);         }    });
The problem is this, the width and height of my body will be 50.
and when I run the code, it is as follows.
so that we can give a wide and long rectangle that resembles the hero, I have to double the value of the rectangle that will add to the body, or it has to value 100, and is as follows.
 var catShape = new game.Rectangle(100, 100);
My question is, and look at the documentation, and I know, as equip the red rectangle is even with the box body. since it is not working properly.
and as seen in the last image, the high is unbalanced.


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