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Overriding Sprite.render?


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I'm working on a game with dynamic lighting (sprite based), and I've stumbled across a problem with rendering sprites to a RenderTexture. Is there any way to override the default render() method for Phaser.Sprite objects?


I'm basically using a camera-fixed sprite called Darkness, rendered in PIXI.blendMode.MULTIPLY, which has a filled rectangle of my ambient color called ambience in it's properties. I also have a group of light sprites, that I render to the darkness' renderTexture. I need to use a Group so renderXY takes rotation into account.

function render(){	// Clear the darkness sprite	darkness.renderTexture.renderXY(darkness.ambience, 0, 0, true);	// Render lights	darkness.renderTexture.renderXY(lightGroup, -game.camera.x, -game.camera.y, false);}

 However, this causes the lights to be drawn to the renderTexture as well as the scene itself. Is there a way to disable rendering of the sprite, while still letting me use renderXY to paint it on a renderTexture, with rotation? I tried changing the renderable and visible properties, but setting either one to false caused the lights to stop rendering altogether.

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