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Upgrading from 2.0.4 to 2.3.0 causes performance drop.


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-This is Phaser + Cocoon-JS

I've been using 2.0.4. without an issue until I start working seriously on the audio. I can playback audio file on android without a problem.
But on iPad each files would play once and never plays again. I tried different files. wav, mp3, ogg. Nothing fixes the issue.

Then I tried switching to 2.3.0 and problem solved regarding the audio playback. But but I'm experiencing performance drop on Andriod devices.

>I tween the scale of a 1920*1080 sprite. It starts out huge then shrink down to fit screen size. In 2.0.4, the tween would run smoothly. In 2.3.0, the tween would be very sluggish.

>The main game update function would starts before preload | create finishes. I have a sound that play at the end of create function. My expected outcome is the sound would play right as the game screen appears and I have a clock variable that counts the time. And these started while the screen is white - before the game render.

gameTimer+=game.time.elapsed; // < this is in the update function. It should start from zero but it started before. So when I see the game it has already been underway.

>And other general performance drop.

*iPad is affected but not as much - not noticeable.
**This is likely not sound related - since I have tried upgrading before and had the same issues I just went back to older version but now I need the audio.

***I could use 2.0.4 for android and 2.3.0 for iOs but there is a case where Alcatel Pop C9 can't install the 2.0.4 apk build [using cocoonjs] and the issue is solved by using 2.3.0 version.

If I dig into the changelog I might find the answer but if anyone know the issue please help. Thanks :3 <3

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I looked into the past.



People has similar problems.


One thread suggested removing the spiraling thingy fixes the problem.

So I learn to use grunt (wasn't hard). And remove the spiraling in Game.js and rebuild the thing.

It fixes the sluggish TWEENING but performance is still horrible.

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