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Phaser.Device.isAndroidStockBrowser needs to be more robust?


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Ran into an issue today where the Phaser.Device.isAndroidStockBrowser() method returned false on the stock browser on a Samsung Galaxy S4 running version 4.4.2 of Android.


After some investigation it turns out that the Webkit version number on this device's stock browser is 537.36, hence false being returned (method checks for a value < 537).


Changing the method to check for version <= 537.36 won't work however, as the Chrome browser reports the same figure.


So I was wondering if this method needed a more robust check? 


The difference in the user agent string between Chrome and Stock on an S4 is the Chromium version number (28 on Stock, 42 on Chrome), so perhaps this could be used? According to this page (https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/webview/overview) Android 4.4 Webview was based on Chromium 30, so perhaps anything under 30 would denote stock?

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