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3D games on mobile


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I'm considering making a mobile game using Babylon.js and I would like it to run on mobile devices. Bandwidth issues aside, I would like to know what considerations I should take before getting to heavily involved in development of the actual game. Specifically though, I need info on rendering. I've seen a few projects with babylon.js that run INCREDIBLY well in mobile browsers but I'm not sure why that is and what I would need to do to emulate those results.


What techniques could I use to lower the expensiveness in regards to rendering?


If I duplicate one object or texture as oppose to using different textures/objects would that make a performance difference?


Is making a scene completely in blender and importing it into babylon.js more expensive than hard coding all the objects in my scripts?


If you render (prerender?) everything before things in the game start happening (moving) would that make a difference in performance as oppose to objects dynamically being created and then moving? 


Does the scale of the environment matter? Like, if I have a set of objects and scale them to be very large but keep the same poly count, does this make the scene more expensive?


Are there limiters on resources when running things in the browser? If so, is there a way to bypass them?

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