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Array of graphics?


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So, I am fairly new at Javascript programmng and totally new to Pixi.js.


How do I initilize an array with gif file names or pointers, so later I can call up the graphic

to display?   What I want to do is create a deck of playing cards and later deal them out.

I have the rendomization figured out already.


I have the graphic gif files representing each card of the 52 card deck named: h1.gif-h13.gif, c1.gif-c13.gif, d1.gif-d13.gif and s1.gif-s13.gif representing the suits Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and spades respectively.  So card[0] would be Ace of Hearts.  card[1] = 2 of hearts,.... card[13] = king of hearts, card[14] = Ace of Diamonds, card[15] = 2 of Diamonds,

etc.  See attached example.


So the main thing I need is to populate the array size of 52 with the corresponding gif file names.







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