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The game wont run in mobiles


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Hello guys, i am starting to use Phaser because i need to do a mini game for my class at University. Before i start my game i tried to test an example in my ipad by hosting this example in my google drive account.


This is the link for the game (was generated by Intel IDK) : https://5f127118fc6f41ddf100e7bcf7e18fe754ba8927-www.googledrive.com/host/0ByOk352J-Lr0fnZzTVFkX000OEE4c2NKWXhIMTVwWXlCNEw4alpId2ZhSzhZSXV0T2RSdm8/

When i try to access this link by the IPad the screen stays all white and just load the two buttons, but accessing by the computer the game loads correctly.


It is some problem with the phaser library? Should i import some special library for mobiles?

Thank you !

(sorry about my english, it is not my first language)

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