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Problem with refreshBoundingInfo()

Bob Razowsky

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Hi everybody,


I have a problem using refreshBoundingInfo().

In my script, I scale an object, and I need to place meshes at it's extremity.

Even after using refreshBoundingInfo(), bounding infos don't change.


Am I missing something here?


Thanks for your answers!

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So, technically, you are right :-) According to what one can understand from minimum and maximum, it should work. there is always a "But" :-)

A few pointers:

1) After scaling and before the scene renders at least one time, you will have to compute the 1st box's world matrix, to get the scaling factors integrated in its transformation.

2) minimum and maximum are confusing. If you wish to use the bounding box that is calculated using the world matrix, you need to use minimumWorld of the bounding box


This is an example - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WO4DY#1

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