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Timed death for a specific instance of sprite


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I am making a game with phaser and can't figure out a good way to do this. I want a comet to spawn offscreen, travel across the screen, then die when it gets to the other side.

I was thinking about doing a check when the comet is outside of the world, but they spawn outside of the world, so I don't think that would work correctly. Anyway, this is what I came up with so far, but when the timer runs out, it destroys every comet_left instead of the single instance of comet_left that has been alive for 5 seconds.

comet_left = comets.create(1000, y, "COMET_LEFT");comet_left.anchor.set(0.1, 0.5);comet_left.body.velocity.x = -600;comet_left.body.setSize(4, 4);game.time.events.add(5000, function() {       comet_left.destroy();});

Here is a link to my game if you wish to check it out for a better understanding - http://ruckbeard.koding.io/hellophaser/

To move the bubbles, you click and drag in whatever direction you want them to move, and to spawn the comet, you match 3 horizontally for right now.

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What I would do, is keep the outOfBounds check, but also add a flag at the start.


So, when you spawn the sprite you set a flag: this.wasVisible = false;

When the sprite enters the screen, you set the flag: this.wasVisible = true;


And in your update loop you could check something like:

if(sprite.outOfBounds) { if(sprite.wasVisible) sprite.destroy();} else  { sprite.wasVisible = true;}

So, you only destory the sprite if it is out of bounds and was previously on the screen.

Note that this is pseudocode, not exact phaser functions.

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Thank you for the response, but I found a better solution still using the timer functions.

game.time.events.add(3000, destroyComet, this, comet_left);

I found out how to pass the comet to the destroy function without referencing the "global" comet variable from inside of the comet creation function.

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