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Problem: onInputDown triggered only once


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Click event fired only once, i don't know why, someone can help me. Thanks

bubblesData.forEach(function(bubble, index) {	var graphics = new Phaser.Graphics(game, 0, 0);	graphics.boundsPadding = 0;	graphics.beginFill(0x4E3794, 1);	graphics.drawCircle(bubble.x, bubble.y, bubble.diameter);	graphics.hitArea = new Phaser.Circle(bubble.x, bubble.y, bubble.diameter);	var texture = graphics.generateTexture();	bubbles[index] = game.add.sprite(bubble.x, bubble.y, texture);	bubbles[index].inputEnabled = true;	bubbles[index].bubble = bubble;	bubbles[index].events.onInputDown.add(puzzle.unfold, this);});
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