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Changing state on timer


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Just trying to change the game state on a timer event.


Currently working with

this.time.events.add(3000, this.state.start, this, 'state_name');

in a logo state I wanted to stay around for three seconds before starting up the next state. The events goes off, but the function doesn't execute. Giving back "Uncaught TypeError: this.checkState is not a function". 


Any suggestions on how to get around this, and any idea what's going on under the hood to cause this?

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Also getting this error... whether I use an array or not to pass the argument. Also doesn't matter if we make the call in a time event or onComplete call on a tween.

Pretty bogus... any suggestions? missionz3r0 did you figure it out?


so I figured out that you can make another function, put the state change call in it, and call that from the time event with an argument.  Not very elegant...

function changeState(stateID) {

game.time.events.add(1000, changeState, this, 'name_of_my_state');

PS. You don't have to pass arguments as an array, in the docs the asterix * under Type indicates that it can be anything.

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