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Phaser a Mobile Game and it lags,anythin' wrong?


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well  i  was going to  develop a game on mobile devcie ,by sliding on the screen  quickly,players achieve scores ,the more quickly ,the more score. like the  thumb following,





its a cray and  by scratch his tie for fun.(well i don't think it is a good idea)


well, here comes the problems:


on pc emulator is performes very well, but on the mobile device ,especially on a Android device it laggs baddly. no smooth, no comfortable. 


by createjs  there is a demo about cache:http://createjs.com/demos/easeljs/cache

and is my cray performes like  it when cache disables;


do i foget to do anythin especilly on mobile devcie ? 


Hope for help 3Q very much




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