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Hey peeps.


This is my first post, so remind me if its in the wrong subsection or something.


I absolutely love to create small scale pixel art that would probably make good sprites, platform blocks and general landscapes (I'll attach some textures) 


Anyway, I have been into coding lua in the past (Garry's mod addons) But Im still pretty clueless. I have basically no understanding of how to run those

PHP files in comparance to the HTML index file that I have just started to mess around with like the starter's guide on Photon storm's Phaser tutorial.

I find that any working code that I can look at and test is great for reverse-engineering (I find this the easiest way to learn something)


But yeah, any info on how to work those php files, or a simple script for a platformer or something would help a ton.



Thanks anyway;




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The php files need to be served by some server.

The easiest way to do that is to get the latest version of php (mine is, 5.4.4) as it has a simple server in it.

Then just cd into the examples directory at the command line and enter this....

C:\php5\php.exe -S localhost:8000

..change the path to php to whatever is right for you.

Now you go to...

...in your browser and play with the examples.

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Thanks for the information PAEz.

By the time this post had been approved, I had worked it out myself. And by that I mean I just dragged a folder onto the "www" directory in the wamp file location.

Ive been messing around with the codes all day. Now I just want to know how the layout of those platform maps work. though Im sure I'll sus it out eventually.

man I love reverse engineering. And texturing.


Yeah thanks again anyway.

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