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Rotating tower platform game


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Im trying to build something like the the old school nebulus game with a rotating 2D tower.

But i can't figure out how to get the world (made with tiles) to "world wrap" the camera with the player always centered in the middle of the screen. 


Article describing the effect I'm trying to make in phaser:



full source:



I would like to start by building exactly what he did in his game but with phaser instead.

Any tips?

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So if the player run to the right i want my player to always be centered in the screen.

The world should appear to continue endlessly but actually "wrap" onto it self. 

Redrawing the world from the beginning again.


I don't know if that made it clearer :)


I i also tried just moving the camera in the world, but it didnt seem to support game.world.wrap(); 

But i guess im going at it all wrong?


Any suggestions?

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