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External Class (Module?)


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Hello again,

Is there a way to import external classes?

I come from a OOP Background and would like to split classes into single files.

The reason being its alot nicer and cleaner to have multiple smaller classes than

having 1 Main class which is 1000+ lines long. 




Is the termonoligy here with panda.js Module instead of class?
If possible what would the implementation be?

Thank you!


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Yes what you are looking for is Modules. You use them like this:



game.module('game.object1').require(// module dependencies// 'game.object2',// 'game.object3').body(function() {// your code    game.createClass('className', {        init: function(arg1,arg2) {        }});

you are not limited to src/game/ you can also have src/plugins/, src/functions/ and so on. and you call them like this:

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