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[Help][bug] Coding Tips 8


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Hi guys,


Im looking for coding tips 8, and i found a bug (i guess).


As long is the path, more fast the sprites goes. I belive that it is not a good method.


If i want to work with real physic (big path, more time spent / short path, less time spent), and im not having sucess :(


What should i do?







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I think the idea is that you travel through the points at equal intervals of time. So, for example, one red dot per second.


This is actually nice, because it means that you can control the speed by placing more or less of the red dots. (If it were modified as you suggest, so that it always travels at the same speed, you'd have no way to control the speed, which some people might want to do.)


But whether it's nice or not... it works the way it does simply because that's how the math works out. :-)



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