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P2 Rope/Chain physics again


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Hello dear Phaser fans,


I'm pretty sure some of you are already tired of all the p2 rope physic threads, and I'm very sorry to bother on that topic again.


The creation of a simple chain or rope is covered a lot by examples and is pretty straight forward.

However having a solution with simple distance and revolute constraints shows huge problems when having high rotational movement.

The constraints have some 'elasticity' to them which gets worse when the number of chain segments gets increased. The two objects that are being connected by those constraints get farther away the faster they are being swung.

This is the normal distance between the two rectangles:



Here is it while being swung:



I've been very successful, rebalancing the weight of the chain and rectangles to fight the issue, however I'm wondering if there isn't a better way to handle this kind of issue.


To be more specific, I'm trying to develop a prototype for a game with very similar game mechanics to this one:


You basically control a flying drone that is equipped with some kind of weapon attached to it via a chain. To strike your opponents you have to swing the weapon at high speeds.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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