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State reset problem (Phaser Coding Tips 7)


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I based my game's bullet system on "Phaser Coding Tips 7",  the create a Shoot-em-up tutorial (http://phaser.io/tutorials/coding-tips-007). Everything works fine until I reset the state, and I can't figure out any solution (this.getFirstExists(false) fails to find any bullets).


The tutorial source code is available on: http://jsbin.com/ferapejeja/edit?js,output


I added this in the Create-function at JS Bin to simulate the exact same problem I face in my game:


var reset = this.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.R);reset.onDown.add(function(){this.game.state.start('Game');}, this);
If I hit "R" during game play the state resets as expected, and everything seems to work OK except the bullets wont work.
Any ideas on how this could be solved?
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