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[js13k] [wip] Bullet Pull


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This weekend I started working on an entry for the JS13K competition.


I am making a simple shoot-em-up where bullets and enemy movement have been reversed. Bullets start at the edge of the screen and are pulled towards the object that fired. Enemies approach from behind instead of in front of the player.


I currently have a rough proof-of-concept implementation of the bullet-pulling mechanism.


A work-in-progress version is available here http://www.giddyplanet.com/stuff/js13k2015/

Controls: move with arrows, fire with space



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Thanks for your comments. I was not completely sure the mechanics would work, so I am glad you like it.


I have uploaded a new version with sound and improved the graphics and collision handling.


I thought I was running out of space but then I read the rules again and saw that it was the zipped size that had to be less than 13k. Then I tried zipping it and it is currently only at 4.8k so there is plenty of room left :-)




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I am almost done with my entry for JS13K. Tomorrow night I will finish it at submit it.


So far I have only tested with Firefox on Linux, so I need to try it out on more browsers and platforms.


The playable preview at http://www.giddyplanet.com/stuff/js13k2015/ has been updated, so go ahead an try it out, and let me know if it crashes etc...


Best regards



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I decided to change the name of the game to "Galactic Backfire" because my wife thought "Bullet Pull" was stupid.


Last night I submitted it. It is only 12kb and there are many things I would have liked to improve, but I am out of town the rest of the weekend.


It should work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge and it also sort-of-works on my Nexus 5 phone and iPad Air.

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@AvdeevAndrew: That is a good idea, but unfortunately I have submitted my entry and the competition is now closed.


But I like the core mechanic so much that I think I will make a sequel without the 13kb size restriction and time pressure. I will add your idea to the list of requirements.

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