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Text horizontal padding, bug?


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Originally posted here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/16816-text-horizontal-padding-bug/



I've spotted an issue with text being cut off I can't resolve with padding.x Here's some screenshots of the text.


First with 0 padding



And with 40 padding



Is there a way to add padding to the start of the text ? Or split the horizontal padding to both sides of the sprite?



FWIW - I'm using Phaser 2.4.3


Anyone got any tips?

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Hey cloakedninjas,

Easy solution (albeit hacky) for horizontal cutoff is to add a leading (or trailing) whitespace to the text.

That is when you create your Text, enter " jogar". Then the "j" doesn't get cutoff. I had the same issue using an italic webfont and had to add a whitespace at the end of every text string. In that case, if you must use multiple lines it's preferable to use explicit "newline"s rather than relying on wordWrap. 


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