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Incorrect OBJ loader


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I'm using objFileLoader and I'm encountering with incorrectly loaded model. Let me show you on demo with model of Bane.


This is just screenshot from Babylon.js Playground with demo



and this is the same model, but converted to *.babylon by your BabylonExporter (as i see, it is unsupported now). And result is without mistake!
I would be glad for any advice how to fix it.  :)



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Alternatively, the FBX exporter should work with all formats supported by the FBX sdk (including .obj files). You should give it a try.



Thanks, good to know :)


Woo, nice catch! I will check this tomorrow.

Great! For now, from my observations it isn't problem of material and texture becase when I set different texture offset, error is still on the same place. It happens around place, where is textures seam, so maybe something with texture coordinates?

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