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Newb Question: Change default TileSize (32px) Globally


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Just wondering if there is a way i can change the default grid size of 32x32.  


My current project (Which i put down for a month because of lack of support on the situation) needs to have a 64x64 global grid, but due to my method of loading in the tiles:

 game.load.atlasJSONHash('floorTiles', 'images/tiles/floorTiles.png', 'assets/tileset.json');

it does not detect that I am trying to make it a 64x64 tile, and renders in 32x32.  The only option i have of making it render the correct size, is by increasing the height of the tile until the entire thing renders.



If anyone can help me, i could appreciate the help, I would like to get this project rolling.

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