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Questions on the PixelCodr shooter tutorial


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I'm following this tutorial on how to create an FPS with Babylon, but i'm stuck with some problems:

  • When the first-person weapon model is too close to a ball or a wall, it gets clipped by the ball/wall model. Is there a way to fix this?
  • How would you guys create this weapon-sway effect on the model? I mean, this:
  • In the tutorial, scene.pick is used instead of a physics raycast. Is this really the way to go?
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Hello bbmario, 


Sorry for my late answer :)


- I think you can increase the ellipsoid size of the camera in order to include the weapon in it. This way, it won't be clipped by the wall.


- I would add a listener on the mousemove, detect the direction between the screen center point and rotate the weapon accordingly. It does not seem easy to do!


- scene.pick internally uses a raycast.

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