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Force Scene Load not from Cache


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I have seen this posted in a few places, but nothing to solve loading a babylon file not from the browser cache. There was a bit on the manifest file being loaded from cache, but not the file itself. See: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/6906-problem-with-manifest-cache-new-file-version-not-downloaded/


So i just tried to do the same sort of thing with my babylon file. 

BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load(rootUrl, sceneFilename + '?' + (new Date()).getTime(), engine, function(newScene){});

This works, however now the manifest file its looking for is scenefilename?590395035353.manifest&590395035354 .


So it will never find a manifest file (which isn't a problem really when i want it to not load from cache.) the problem is that the program hangs for a second while looking for this manifest file? i assume because its name is just not cool for browsers or something of that sort.


Is there a better way to force the file to always load a new copy of the file?


I also tried to implement a download manager in php that forced the headers to 

header("Cache-control: private");

However that wasn't working as babylonjs would just hang and write an error out "unexpected end of input". 



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