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Actions, Animations, and Callbacks


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I'm having a little trouble with actions, animations, and callbacks. It looks like there isn't a native way to accomplish what I'm after, but I wanted to check with the experts before I continue.


What I'm trying to accomplish:


  • I want to execute an action which fires a function (callback) before and after the animation.


I can accomplish the "before" callback by creating using CombineAction, but it appears the onAnimationEnd is out of my scope.. Specifically in this 1st case I've encountered, I'm using the InterpolateValueAction - which appears to create an Animation for me (while giving me no option to inject the onAnimationEnd callback).


I looked around in Animatable but it doesn't seem like it is what I need either. I thought maybe I could access the animations array of the mesh but alas, it's empty until the action is invoked. Is there a native way I'm missing?

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Hey Hazardus,


a playground would be nice so that everbyody know what and how exactly you want to do it. InterpolateValueAction doesn't seem to have a callback function for animation end, but I know scene.beginAnimation has it:





Maybe there is another way to achieve what you want while using beginAnimation (maybe with the ExecuteCodeAction)? Anyhow, a playground that shows what you have so far might greatly help :)

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Okay, you could do something like that: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2JO9B#1


This uses the ExecuteCodeAction and is some more code than you had before, but seems to work. Maybe somebody else has a better idea or knows how to do the same with less code (maybe with using the InterpolateValueAction).


Let me know if that helped :)

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Hmm.. I like it! I suppose InterpolateValueAction is the only one that has duration (except maybe playSoundAction), and the rest are instant (start/stop = same point in time).


It gives more control over the Animation itself, which is also a plus. Being able to pass a callback would be nice, but this is much better than what I was (reluctantly) considering: modifying the native function or using a Timeout.


Thanks, iiceman!

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You are welcome :) Don't forget to show us what you created when you are done!


By the way: if it answers your question you can flag the thread as answered, too.


Sure - it will be a while longer before I can, but I'll definitely share this neat little project when it's done!


By the way.. the "Animatable" page in the docs leads to a 404 (which I love - "working on my machine" hehehe). From what I gather it's rarely used and just happens to be in the source code, but I'd love to know for sure when/how/why to use this. ( the link: http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/page.php?p=25171 )

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I just realized that the interpolateValueAction uses beginDirectAnimation wich is pretty much the same as beginAnimation (they both can have that needed callback). So it would be easy to add a callback parameter to the interpolateValueAction, right? Or is there a reason that the interpolateValueAction didn't get that callback parameter?


(note to myself: learn typescript to be able to create pull requests for those simple things that even I could do to get my name on the contributor list :D )

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is there a reason that the interpolateValueAction didn't get that callback parameter?


I wondered that myself. The same goes for BABYLON.Animation.CreateAndStartAnimation - why not 1 more parameter for simplicity? Getting to that much needed onAnimationEnd is a bit of a hassle, though as Ice pointed out it can be done.


As for where I found the link, it's actually on the http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/07._Animations page under ( Parameters for scene.beginAnimation ). I couldn't seem to find a way to edit the docs and fix it myself.


I was really hoping the link would be a doc page. I've checked out Animatable in the classes section and the source code, but it's still a bit of a mystery to me. I haven't had a chance to mess around with it just yet.

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And BOOOM :)

New constructor for InterpolateAction:

constructor(triggerOptions: any, target: any, public propertyPath: string, public value: any, public duration: number = 1000, condition?: Condition, public stopOtherAnimations?: boolean, public onInterpolationDone?: () => void) {


new signature for CreateAndStartAnimation:

public static CreateAndStartAnimation(name: string, mesh: AbstractMesh, targetProperty: string,  framePerSecond: number, totalFrame: number, from: any, to: any, loopMode?: number, easingFunction?: EasingFunction, onAnimationEnd?: () => void)
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