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Hi to all, 

I have coded a 10x10 game clone using Phaser.  Here is the address http://www.oyunta.com/1010-blok-tetris/Oyna/

I have a problem ( which is very boring on mobile screen)


I create stone like below 

tetris1 = this.game.add.sprite(this.game.width / divider[x],               100 + VohoGame.game.global.startFromY + 10 * VohoGame.game.global.tileSize, 'tetris' + r);            tetris1.inputEnabled = true;            tetris1.input.enableDrag(/*false, true*/);            tetris1.events.onInputDown.add(this.onClick, this);            tetris1.events.onDragStart.add(this.startDrag, this);            tetris1.events.onDragStop.add(this.stopDrag, this);            tetris1.input.enableSnap(90, 90, false, true);

My problem in here is the player has to click directly on the image and start dragging. On small screens it is really difficult to point. What i would like to do is split the bottom area in 3 slices. clicking anywhere match the stone on that area. 

In this game http://m.wellgames.com/game/qualitynew/new/r23639/10x10 , clicking below any stone, the game drags that stone automatically.


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,


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off the top of my head here are a couple of different ideas..


* don't put the event on the individual blocks, put the event on the background underneath and check the X position to work out which sprite you want to pick up and then carry on as usual




* draw an invisible Phaser.Graphic in the block that's larger than the block

    sprite = game.add.sprite(100, game.height-150, 'phaser');        var graphic = new Phaser.Graphics(game,0,0);        sprite.addChild(graphic);    graphic.beginFill(0xFF0000,0) // opacity 0 = invisible but still present    graphic.drawRect(0,0,sprite.width, sprite.height*2) // we want some clickable space underneath, so let's have it twice the height of the sprite    graphic.endFill();        sprite.inputEnabled = true;    sprite.input.enableDrag(false); // false = don't snap the pointer

I guess this will slow things down ever so slightly, as it has to draw that hit area, even though it's invisible. but for your sort of game I don't think it'll matter


here's the second example above


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