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Sepraite Animation Files


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I was thinking about it... and would it be possible to keep animations in separate files, or to load them as you need them instead of being forced to keep them all on the skeleton all the time?


I have like 300 animations to add to my player character with like 3000+ key frames. It would be nice to be able to reference a *.js function file that would play / load the animations as needed.


Any suggestions? Any plans to maybe add something like this to Babylon?

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I know, but I'm talking about the actual animations. It would be nice to pull them out of my skeleton and put them in their own files to save space and only load in the ones that are needed when they're called for instead of trying to store all 3000+ keyframes worth of rotations and translations and load those into 100 characters on screen... I'm not sure that Babylon will play nice with that. If there are not other potential options, then so be it.


Is there a way to manually build animations in babylon? cause I could extract all the keyframe data into a "create animation" type function and only build the ones we need as requested...

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