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Pointer input issue in Windows Phone if moved out of screen

Tom Atom

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Hi, I have problem with pointer on Windows Phone. My game is swipe controlled and when I put finger on screen and swipe, character moves in direction of swipe. I am handling start and end of swipe in game.input.onDown/onUp.


 If swipe is longer and I get out of the screen everything works, but only if I left screen to right, left or up. If I leave screen to down (across the address bar or I stop on it) then game.input.onUp callback is never called and pointer is marked as active forever (see small red bubble on the left ... p1 = true for pointer1 is active). I tried to add my own event listener for "pointerdown" event and it is still live and responding. Also game is live as animations run.


 For some reason moving down over address bar is not handled and pointer is never deactivated...


 Anyone knows how to handle this? (currently I made workaround: if pointer is down and there is not up event within 2 seconds, I reset its active status to false ... no swipe should take more than 2 seconds)



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