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TypeScript problem accessing BitmapFont Data


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I tryed to access BitmapFont data through 'game.cache.getBitmapFont()' but seems that typeScript file 'phaser.d.ts' does not define any class 'BitmapFont' and indicates that the function 'game.cache.getBitmapFont()' returns 'RetroFont' that is not correct because the function returns other thing.
I added this to 'phaser.d.ts':
class BMChar {    x: number;    y: number;    width: number;    height: number;    xOffset: number;    yOffset: number;    xAdvance: number;    kerning: any[];    texture: PIXI.Texture;}class BMFontData {    chars: any[];    font: string;    lineHeight: number;    size: number;}class BMFont {    base: PIXI.BaseTexture;    data: HTMLImageElement;    font: BMFontData;    url: string;}
and changed 'game.cache.getBitmapFont()' to return a BMFont.
Is this correct?


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i asked Rich in the Phaser Slack channel


(rich) fix the defs :wink:
easier than coding around it imho

(me).. cache.getBitmapFont returns eg 
Object {url: "assets/fonts/bitmapFonts/gem.png", data: img, font: Object, base: b.BaseTexture}

(rich) i
t's the actual font data, not a BitmapText object. 
data is an HTMLImage object. so a return type like this should work:
: { data: HTMLImageElement; font: any; url: string, base: PIXI.BaseTexture  };
then you could get it from either data.width or base.width



i think therefore you could add this to phaser.d.ts

class BitmapFont {        data: HTMLImageElement;     font: any;     url: string;    base: PIXI.BaseTexture;}class Cache {    ...    ...    getBitmapFont(key: string): Phaser.BitmapFont;    ...}

but actually maybe that should be something like BitmapFontData ?



also i've noticed 2 entries for cache add in the phaser.d.ts .. i'm assuming this isn't a mistake but just means you can construct it 2 different ways?

addBitmapFont(key: string, texture: Phaser.RetroFont): void;addBitmapFont(key: string, url: string, data: any, atlasData: any, atlasType: string, xSpacing?: number, ySpacing?: number): void;

we'd need to ensure not to mess up any internal workings!


this file is based on contributions though, so i guess you could propose something





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Hi, I needed the same. Here is how I did it:

            // font data            TextWrapper.fontData = aGame.cache.getBitmapFont(aFontName)["font"];            // if size not defined then take default size            if (aSize === undefined)                aSize = TextWrapper.fontData.size;

fontData is defined like:

static fontData: any;
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