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Is there a way to replace geometry of a mesh with another?


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I have several primitives in my scene as *placeholder meshes*. These meshes have actions (and subsequent animations) attached to them.


What I would like to do is to simply replace a placeholder mesh with the real mesh, while maintaining properties like actions, position, etc.


What would be the most simple way to accomplish this?

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Animations and locations etc are easy


Animation / skeleton:

newMesh.skeleton = placeHolder.skeleton;


Will this work without doing x, y, z specificially?

newMesh.position = placeHolder.position;


If not... then

newMesh.position.(x,y,z) = placeHolder.position.(x,y,z);


same for rotation and scale as position...


Don't know much about actions. haven't had to mess with them yet.

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Actions/their animations are the main thing I'm having trouble with, but I'd like to be able to cleanly transfer everything except the vertices to my new mesh before calling .dispose() on the original.


I actually wrote a function that copies all the properties in the object until it gets to .constructor, because that stuff is added automatically via prototype extension.


I guess I'll have to re-register the actions on the new mesh?

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If you copy the actionManager from source mesh to new mesh this should be good


Right you are, dunno why I didn't think of that.


Are there any properties I should exclude from copying to the new mesh besides : [ uniqueId, geometry, _boundingInfo, subMeshes ] ?


It seems to be working fine so long as I exclude those 4 (and the inherited prototype properties as mentioned above).

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