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How to get the local matrix?


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How to get the local matrix of a mesh?

The TypeScript definition offers only getPivotMatrix() and getWorldMatrix().


I use parenting and i need to access the local transformations (as a matrix) of each child mesh.

In the code it looks like there is an internal matrix called _localWorld but i don't like to access internal variables in my code.

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What exactly do you want to do?


I might have a similar problem that I am not sure how to solve it the best way. I have a mesh that moves and rotates, that's the player. Then I have two other meshes that have the player as their parent. They each have individual positioning relative to the player (since the are the parents child objects). Now I can access the position of those meshes in world space by getting their absolutePosition. But I didn't figure a good way out yet how I can always get the absolute position of one and of the mesh without adding another child mesh. I want the absolute coordinates of a position relative to a mesh... I guess. Not sure if I explained it well. Is that waht you want, too?

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