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Problem with enemies grup and battle sytem


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game: function()

    this.enemies = {        name: 'Retard Farmer - [very week]',        hp: 50,        attack: Math.floor(Math.random() * 8) + 5,        exp: 50,        gold: 5    }

Here enemies is a object 




create: function()

        enemies = this.game.add.group();        for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {            enemies.create(360 + Math.random() * 600, 300 + Math.random() * 600, 'monsterLvl1');            enemies.scale.setTo(1.4);        }

So here I have enemies, but they are group and dont have a sprites or body (problem with immovable = true;)





update: function () 

        this.game.physics.arcade.overlap(playerSprite, enemies, fightEngine, null, this);        this.game.physics.arcade.overlap(playerSprite, enemies); function fightEngine(player, enemy) {                        //Freeze enemy during collision, cant be defined on this .create not sprite            //enemy.body.immovable = true;                        //Trying to freze player during fight            playerSprite.body.immovable = true;                        //var playerDmg = (player.str/10)*(player.weapon.attack + player.lvl);            if (this.enemies.hp > 0) {                //Wait 1 sec here!!                this.enemies.hp -= this.playerDmg;                console.log('Enemy get ' + this.playerDmg);                //is he dead?                if (this.enemies.hp <= 0) {                    //get grind stuff                    this.player.gold += this.enemies.gold;                    this.player.exp += this.enemies.exp;                    //delete the enemy object                    enemy.kill();                    console.log('"'+this.enemies.name+'"'+' is dead.');                    this.lvlUpCheck(this.player);                    this.barUpdate();                    //Restore life for nest enemies clone                     this.enemies.hp = 50;                    //Wait 1 sec here!!                                    } else {                                        //Wait 1 sec here!!                    this.player.hp -= this.enemies.attack;                    console.log('You lost ' + this.enemies.attack + ' life');                    //have you been killed?                    if (this.player.hp <= 0) {                        console.log('You are dead');                        //Dead() fdunction and transfer to another game instance dead.js                    }                                    }            }                     };


There is a problem with pause after any attacks, for make it more turn based. I put comments "Wait 1 sec here!!" I have no idea how to do that??



And if I wall create another type of enemy like a enemiesLvl2 than how can I call them in my function fightEngine(player, enemy) ??
Now I neet to use 'this.enemies' inside a fightEngine() it is stick.... If player collide with enemies than fightEngine must use enemies object, when collide with enemiesLvl2 than use enemiesLvl2 object values..


I dont want to create fightEngine function for each one enemy types

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The way you've written it now, your "fightEngine" function will run every tick of the game engine, around 60 times a second.


If you want something to happen every second instead, you want a timer. You probably don't want to drive this off the physics collisions, though -- it should probably be single events like keypresses instead of "continuous" events like collisions.

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