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Scaling a map without affecting the placement of a sprite


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So I am having a problem whenever I am zooming out the map. The scale of all the assets are done correctly except when I zoom out, their position on the map change. I am not changing sprite.x/y, it is just that when the map is scaling things move around and I tried doing something like

//pseudo-codeif(zoomOut){  sprite.x *= scale;  sprite.y *= scale;}

but that didn't work since that sent the sprites off the map eventually.


Here's an example of what is going on.


So this is the game when zoom is maxed out (scale=1)




this is when the scale is 0.9 (you can see the sprites aren't where they were originally placed)




At scale=0.7 (now it is even more obvious)




What do you guys think?

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I added the sprites to a screen group and scaled accordingly :


game.input.onDown.add(function() {    scale -= 0.1    screenGroup.scale.setTo(scale, scale);}, this);
Hope this helps


Thank you! That's perfect! I was scaling the sprites individually. Adding them to a group is smarter and easier to handle! :)

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