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error when remove object when animation finished


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I have the following collide function in a class:


collide: function(opponent) {this.pumkins.textures=this.poffedPumkins.textures;this.pumkins.currentFrame=0;this.pumkins.loop=false; this.pumkins.onComplete = function(){this.remove();};}

I get the following error:

Cannot read property 'updateTransform' of undefined

on the this.remove();


It work allright when I call the this.remove() directly in the collide function. 


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Thank´s a lot for the answer 


Hhmmm. That did not do it :-)


Im a little bit confused about the bind method ... here is the class im working on. I would be very thankful if you have the time to have a look:


   game.createClass('Pumpkins', {        init: function() {               var myPumkingsVelocityArray=[100,80,60,50,40,32,45,67,78,98,90];         var pumkingVInterval = myPumkingsVelocityArray[Math.floor(Math.random()*myPumkingsVelocityArray.length)];                               var x = Math.random(16, game.system.width);                        //this.pumkins = new game.Sprite('pumkings');                         this.pumkins = new game.Animation('media/pumkings.png');             this.pumkins .animationSpeed = 0.3;             this.pumkins .position.set(230, 350);            this.pumkins.anchor.set(0,1);             this.pumkins.play();               this.poffedPumkins = new game.Animation(            'media/pum1.png',            'media/pum2.png',            'media/pum3.png',            'media/pum4.png',            'media/pum5.png'        );                                    this.pumkins.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5);            this.body = new game.Body({                position: {                    x: x ,                    y:  - this.pumkins.height                },                velocity: {                    x: 0,                    y: pumkingVInterval                },                collisionGroup: 1,                collideAgainst: [0],                mass: 0,                         });            this.body.collide = this.collide.bind(this);            this.body.addShape(new game.Rectangle(20, 20));            game.scene.addObject(this);            game.scene.world.addBody(this.body);            game.scene.stage.addChild(this.pumkins);            this.update();        },        collide: function() {          this.pumkins.textures=this.poffedPumkins.textures;this.pumkins.currentFrame=0;//In this case just run it oncethis.pumkins.loop=false;            //this.remove();            this.pumkins.onComplete(this.remove.bind(this));                         // this is the one i have been trying before                        /*              this.pumkins.onComplete = function(){                  this.remove();          };   */        },        update: function() {            this.pumkins.position.x = this.body.position.x;            this.pumkins.position.y = this.body.position.y;                        if (this.pumkins.position.y - this.pumkins.height / 2 > game.system.height) this.remove();            //this.body.position.x += 50 * game.system.delta;        },                 remove: function() {            game.scene.removeObject(this);            game.scene.world.removeBody(this.body);            game.scene.stage.removeChild(this.pumkins);        }    });
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Adding a timer ... before remove ... found in Spaceshooter Example ... 

collide: function() {            this.pumkins.textures = this.poffedPumkins.textures;            this.pumkins.currentFrame = 0;            //In this case just run it once            this.pumkins.loop = false;            this.pumkins.onComplete = function() {                console.log("allo");          this.pumkins.visible = false;                            game.scene.addTimer(0, function() {              this.remove();}.bind(this));                                            }.bind(this);        },
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