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Phaser Iso Plugin performance problem


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I'm developing an iso game using this plugin http://rotates.org/phaser/iso/


Right now I have a map of 40x40 tiles and each tile has 75x44 px. Create two layers one for the floor and one for character collisions and depth sort.


I'm using a spritesheet to create map constructed on Tiled Map Editor.


Add to floor group this.floorGroup.cacheAsBitmap = trueto see if performane improve without success


With this setup my game is running at 10 FPS, want to know how to implement a script to recycle and hide objects (tiles) that are not in the screen because I think that his is the problem. Or probably need a way to reuse repeated sprites or something like that.


In this post http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/9729-isometric-plugin-performance-tips/ lewster32 mention a post where this is demonstrated but link is broken :(


Thanks for your help



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Hello there diego,


Are all your sprites physics enabeld? if so turn them off it wil increase your performance a littlebit.


Overall i have the same problem so i would love tips about how to get a tile map of like 100 * 100 tiles working with 60 frames per sec with the isometric plugin.


Greets devoution

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