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Cannot find module './util/ui' in Phaser Debug Plugin


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Hi! i want include Phaser Debug Plugin (https://github.com/englercj/phaser-debug) in Phaser coffeescript gulp yeoman generator (https://github.com/dschwertfeger/generator-phaser-coffee-gulp)

I add bower dependencies to bower.json

"dependencies": {    "phaser-official": "<%= phaserVersion %>",    "phaser-debug":"~1.1.6"  } 

and include phaser-debug.js in package.json

"browser": {    "phaser": "./app/lib/phaser-official/build/phaser.min.js",    "phaser-debug":"./app/lib/phaser-debug/dist/phaser-debug.js"  },  "browserify-shim": {    "phaser": "Phaser",    "phaser-debug":"Debug"  },

And  I require phaser-debug in game.coffee add plugin to boot.cofee

game.cofeeDebug = require 'phaser-debug'[email protected] Phaser.Plugin.Debug

But this does not work, give error "Cannot find module './util/ui'"

What am i doing wrong?

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