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Willing to intern/donate time.


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Hey all, still somewhat new to the forums so if this is in the wrong area feel free to delete or move it. I am looking to intern or atleast donate time to a project ( or projects ) to help learn more about developing in Phaser and coding with JS in general, as well as build a portfolio/resume. If any of you need someone, or know of an oppurtunity I would be grateful for the information. Like I said im still pretty green but I learn quick and am motivated. Plus I mean who could complain offering free work :P. Thanks a lot !

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Can you show what kind of skills you have in JS right now? I am searching members for a team now...

Thanks for the reply, yeah I can send you some stuff. Like I said its pretty basic but have made a few basic games, been getting the concept of the Phaser framework and how things tick. Made a couple little prototypes based off of tutorials and just started coding a little sidescroller from scratch using tiled to create the level. Not sure if its exactly what you are looking for but I am willing to help out with whatever I can just to learn more and have some stuff to show at the end of it. Let me know what you think and if you would like any other information.

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