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ninja - change height of specific tiles after tilemap conversion


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I'm currently trying to convert my p2 prototype to ninja but I have a couple of issues


* ninja conversion can't parse 'object' layers

* all tiles are 32x32

* my platforms need to be 12 high not 32

* some items are round 'pegs' (it's a pachinko board), .. there don't seem to be any Circle-to-Circle collisions in Ninja, but there are 4 circular quadrant-tiles.. possibly you could create 4 small tiles and shift them? or would that mess up other calculations?


my platform graphics are 96x12 (well 3x  32x12) .. for p2 i just overlaid a 'collisionshapes' object layer in Tiled and converted those


I can loop through the converted tiles and find the related item but what I need to do is change the tile body height.. and then there's the peg issue


i'd be grateful for any suggestions. thanks






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