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Looking for a freelance/agency Canvas/CreateJS developer for an on-going project


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I'm the director of Hinge (www.wearehinge.com) and we're looking for a developer who's skilled in Canvas and/or CreateJS to work with us on an on-going project. The project is not an HTML5 game but requires skills of those familiar with the tech.


The project is under NDA, so I'm unable to share many details in public, however I can say that it's already established and is used by internationally and known organisations.


The goal of the project is to convert an app that currently works on Flash into Canvas. Most of the project is built and we're looking for help on specific features that aren't possible with CreateJS but are possible with Canvas.


We're looking for someone to start within the next few weeks, pending the client's approval. 


If you're interested, please do leave a reply so we can arrange a time to talk.


Thank you for your time,



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Hi Pete,


This sounds pretty interesting. I have 4yrs flash game dev, 4yrs web dev experience, and I have also worked on a few visualizers that required heavy canvas and SVG manipulation. Currently I'm working on some educational games using phaser. I'd like to hear more about your project. So feel free to send me a message.





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I am an professional convertor  from flash to html5.   Recently, I did a lot of conversion jobs using Toolkit for CreateJS. Please view the below links:






















In addition, I develop some way to solve the features that are not possible with CreateJS. So I expect to discuss the project with you in detail. 


Best Regards,

Peter Zhou

email: [email protected]

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