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Using Bybylon.js to create an orthographic action-RPG


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Hi all!


(TLDR: see 'In conclusion').


I've been doing some research regarding the possibilities of realising an action-RPG (with networking capabilities) with decent graphics using only web technologies (with a heavy focus on javascript and websockets). During my research I came across several interesting libraries (such as WebGL, Three.js, Physi.js etc.) which proved to me that the possibility definitively was there, it was just potentially very difficult to pull off.


Finally my eyes fell upon Babylon.js, which seems to be a decent fit. Before I jump into the fray though, I'd like to ask some clarifying questions so that I do not invest too much time and energy into something which is not feasible - which is why I'm posting this topic :-)


What I want to make



A very simple, orthographic action-RPG (visually, think something like the models in League of Legends or Dota 2 - of course with drastically less panash). I was very torn between opting for an isometric approach (like Bastion), but in the end I feel (gameplay-wise) that 3D is the way to go. I'm not afraid of the learning curve, I intend for this to be an ongoing project for some time, I ask merely for an objective view regarding the possiblities.



I opted for 3D in favour of isometric due to gameplay, as I feel 3D gameplay would be more immersive. The complexity would be very simple, and mainly revolve around user-controlled avatars hitting monsters and (possibly) picking up items. 



Ideally I would host my app on a server which allows of persistence of the game world state, but this is very far ahead in time and should only be considered in the realm of 'yes, this is theoretically possible'.



In conclusion: Is it possible to create a decent looking action-RPG (using a tool like Maya for instance for 3D-modelling) using Babylon.js? Or am I completely wasting my time, and should instead either a) program the game in something like Lua or B) create a much simpler game using an isometric engine (kinda like an isometric BrowserQuest). 


Edit: Also, is it feasible to attempt to create a 3D action-RPG by myself (timewise I mean)? i.e. is it considerably more work than creating, for instance, an isometric game?


Any response would be greatly appreciated :-)

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You can use Maya, 3DSmax or whatever can create .FBX files. using Blender is more straightforward because we have a direct exporter but this is not mandatory


Babylon.js supports orthographic cameras (you can switch a camera between perspective and orthographic at your wish)


About 3D RPG against isometric, it depends on your skills actually. Babylon.js integrates a complete collisions system for the camera so creating a FPS is really simple.


The best tip I can offer is: try our tutorials on github and build your own opinion. This is the safest way to choose:)

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