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Overriding 'create' function in Phaser.Group


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Can the 'create' function in Phaser.Group be successfully over-ridden? Is there an alternative?


I am looking for a way to have a function called at the start of my object's life-cycle and still be able to access the functions I have built into the class. I am used to Unity3D where there is always an option to do this.


There is certain code that I need to execute at the start of my object's life-cycle, and additionally whenever the level ID is set in my function.


Am I being clear, or have I worded this too confusingly? Thanks much!

FriarDude.FallingShitFactory = function (game) {	// Class variables	this.levelID = 0;	this.active = false;	this.spawnTimer = null;	this.percentShitQuantities = new Array();	this.HORIZONTAL_MARGIN = 64;	//	// The constructor can take an optional parameter (levelID, 0 by default)    if (arguments.length == 2) {    	this.levelID = arguments[1];    }	//	// Constructor	Phaser.Group.call(this, game);	game.time.events.loop(1000, this.spawnShit, this);	console.log('construct');    return this;    //};FriarDude.FallingShitFactory.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Group.prototype);FriarDude.FallingShitFactory.prototype.constructor = FriarDude.FallingShitFactory;FriarDude.FallingShitFactory.prototype.create = function() {	// Load Level Data	console.log('create');	this.setLevelID(this.levelID);	//}
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This is the correct answer for the info that I provided. I was a real dummy and didn't realize that I wasn't actually creating an object in my group, which activates the 'create' method for the group.


Is there a method that is called when the Group itself is added to the scene?


EDIT: I fixed my issue. 'Constructors' in JS's prototypical inheritance pattern are fake, methods within the prototype can still be accessed from within the constructor. That was my overall goal.

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