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commit erased


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the last BJS commit https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/commit/534f87a3f70c5264310185aa4d34db6801f06ae8

just erased my former feature in CreateCylinder() in VertexData.ts (feature hasRings)  https://github.com/jbousquie/Babylon.js/commit/2b4f2feaa601c5ab5c51f6360c959472525c9a92


And I have no idea how to get this feature back as I can't re-PR my branch to the core.

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Noooo... I don't explain well


Check this please : https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/commits/master


As you can see on merge #819 and 821, I made 2 changes in the file VertexData.ts : optimized the function ComputeNormals() and added a feature to CreateCylinder(), called hasRings.

These changes were correctly merged at this moment.


If you check the next DK's commit ("Fixing cache issue for computeWorldMatrix"), you'll see that the ComputeNormals() optimization is then removed from VertexData.ts but the CreateCylinder() hasRings feature is still inside as it were just added.


And the next commit then modifying the file VertexData.ts, called "Cleaning code for PBR" removes the hasRings feature.


So these two commits removed in turn what I PRed last friday.

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