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I cannot locate a "time" property for a video texture


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I need to add a shuffle slider to my scene to scrub through the videoTexture.  I don't believe there is a property for time such as in buiding a direct HTML5 video player.  If there is one such as VideoTexture.video.time() please let me know.  Otherwise, my solution is to load both a forward and backward playing video and manipulate those.  Lot's of work.  :(



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The videoTexture: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/Materials/Textures/babylon.videoTexture.ts is using an HTML5 video element exposed in the .video property. It's then used as the input of a DynamicTexture like you could do on a 2D canvas.

Conclusion: you should use the .video property to do whatever you'd like ;)


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Hey davrous,


I suppose it would be rediculous if any HTML5 video properties were excluded from BJS.  I will test before the weekend, and let the community know if I find any issues.  Thanks for the reasurance that the HTML5 video properties are most likely all supported (as I have so much else to write, I thought I'd first post the question to see who may have already tested through these in BJS on a VideoTexture - trying to take the easy way out first. I'll test through them all, as this makes my life a whole lot easier. :D



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