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Clickable labels of debugger don't work


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Not sure if it's a bug I created or something...


Anyways, whenever you start the BabylonJS debugger, and go to the Generals tab and tick Clickable labels, it outputs this error:

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getViewMatrix' of undefined"


on line 27344 (development version of Babylon, .max version), which is this line:

_this._camera.getViewMatrix().multiplyToRef(_this._camera.getProjectionMatrix(), _this._transformationMatrix);

I guess the _camera variable doesn't exist.


Like I said I'm not sure if I caused the problem, as some examples show them working correctly, but I can't seem to have it working in my game

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Do you have some code to share, or some precisions to help us ? Do you initialize the debugger before creating a camera ? Or maybe you have multiple camera ?


Thanks :)


Edit: After seing Babylon code, it seems your are trying to create the debugger before creating a first camera. Can you confirm that please ? If so, could you try to init the debug layer after the camera creation ?

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