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Using partially transparent images as brushes on bitmapData


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I try to create a painting tool that makes it possible to paint on a bitmapData texture. So far that works quite well.

But I also want to have soft-edged tools like airbrushes. For that I use a tinted image that uses a radial alpha-gradient. (middle solid, going transparent to the outside)


This works quite well, but with a few colors I get weird effects on the borders. When drawing multiple images over each other (like forming a line or filling an area), the borders seem to be darker. This is not visible with primary colors, but pastels make it quite visible.


I tried futzing around with pixel rgba values, blending modes and a few other things, but nothing fixes it.


Does anybody have any idea what causes this?


Attached image for demonstration


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I have now prefilled a white background into the bmp and use the "source-atop" compositing mode instead of "source-over". 

That fixed the issue, but I have NO CLUE as to why.

Of course, this works only with a solid background in place, otherwise everything added on top would get the transparency of the destination pixels applied (in case of not background: be invisible)



It seems that there are some rounding errors or something when adding semi-transparent pixels on top of each other in the "source-over" mode. See the attached image where I repeatedly added the brush at the same location.


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