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Moving a sprite with P2 - Wrong initial directions


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Hi all,


I am pretty new to Phaser and already created a top down car game using Arcade Physics but as the collision detection is not what I want I am switching over to P2 now and I ran into some trouble.


Issue 1:

I already managed to get my car moving but where Arcade is moving a sprite to the right by default as soon as it gets velocity, P2 is moving it up instead.

I don't want to rebuild all my Spritesheets turning them by 90 degrees so I come here to ask if there is a way to tell Phaser (or P2) to what direction it should move a sprite when it gets thrust/velocity?


Issue 2:

In addition, I'd like to set a start angle for my car object as every level will has its on start position for the car and I don't want the player have to turn the car by himself when its spawn is too close to the right level border for example.

In Arcade mode I was able to set player.body.angle to whatever I configure for my level but for P2 this somehow doesn't work.


I already searched the web  for all 2 issues but either I am blind or my needs are somewhat "special" ;)


Any help is much appreciated!





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