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Hi All,


New guy here with a question regarding asset loading. I've scoured these forums, the Phaser source and couldn't figure this out (if it is even possible). Is it possible to create a new instance of Phaser.Loader without a game instance? From the source it appears not. This may seem like a strange request but let me explain the use case:


I am working on a single page application that allows navigation between different games, each game is wrapped in a custom <phaser></phaser> directive that is responsible for creating a new Phaser.Game instance. Angular allows you to render the navigated page once a set of async tasks have been completed (using promises). The <phaser> directive is contained within the page being navigated to, so ideally I would like to load assets prior to the page being loaded and Phaser.Game being created so the navigation is more seamless. There's a whole bunch of other stuff happening during this process also but is a bit outside the scope of this question, so I've omitted those. So in a nutshell this is the process I'd like to achieve:


game link clicked ---> angular navigation starts ---> Phaser.Loader() loads assets ---> Asset load complete ---> Angular page change ---> <phaser> directive creates new Phaser.Game with the previously loaded assets injected into it


I'm trying to avoid a "preload" splash screen for each game simply because the branding is the same across all games and is not required and would provide the user with a "dis-jointed" experience.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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