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Blend4Web 15.11 Released

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We are proud to announce a new release of Blend4Web, an open source framework for creating interactive 3D web content. In this release you'll find: initial support for next-gen WebGL 2.0, MSAA anti-aliasing, more logic editor capabilities and multiple usability improvements.


In the previous release we improved anti-aliasing based on the FXAA algorithm. This algorithm gives good visual quality, but has some disadvantages such as blurriness of parts of the image and noise flickering during camera movement. MSAA anti-aliasing does not have these issues and is now available for the ULTRA quality profile on WebGL 2.0 compatible systems.


In Logic Editor it's now possible to make smooth camera movements using the Move Camera node.


We have made some improvements in the Viewer app. A new button called Home has been added to the Viewer interface. When clicked, this button loads the origin scene specified in the URL parameters, otherwise the standard Blend4Web cube logo is shown. The Reset button is now placed on the right side of the top panel and, among internal parameters, also resets URL parameters of the app (e.g origin scene). The Auto View Mode button has been moved to the Tools & Debug panel.


This Blend4Web version is compatible with Blender 2.76. Blend files of all presented examples are included in the SDK distribution. The complete list of changes and bug fixes can be found in the release notes.


Much more information can be found in

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